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32 State Concealed Handgun Permit Class


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Why get a Concealed Handgun Permit?

The reasons for concealed carry vary and making the decision is personal. The image above is too late to decide to protect yourself.

The Nebraska & The United States Of America constitutions recognize the right of firearms ownership, however just because it is a right, why should YOU consider arming yourself with concealed carry? 

Most people's primary answer is to defend yourself and the lives of your loved ones.  Carrying a Concealed Handgun is a great equalizer.  Whether you are a man, woman, small stature, in poor health, aging, or outnumbered by a gang of thugs, a firearm in trained persons hands puts everyone on a level playing field at a minimum and may possibly give you an advantage that saves your life and the life of your family. 

The vast majority of self-defense cases do not end in a shooting.  Criminals are looking for an easy target and just having the handgun often will scare the criminal away.

If a law enforcement officer happens to be close enough to prevent a crime, he will certainly act.  The problem is the police can't be everywhere and response times to 911 calls can take a half hour, or more.  Most self-defense issues are over in seconds.

Statistics and personal interviews with felons, have proven time and time again that a criminal's worst fear is an armed victim. 

A study for the Dept. of Justice found that 34% of felons had been “scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed victim,” and 40% of felons have not committed crimes, fearing potential victims were armed.

All of us hope that we will never be forced into a position to have to defend our lives or the lives of a loved one.  When choosing to carry a concealed firearm, you choose to live by the adage that it is "better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it."  Refuse to allow yourself or your family to be a victim.

           Why Choose Guns 2 Roses
                    To Obtain My Concealed Handgun Permit?

This is a State Of Nebraska Approved course taught by an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor in strict accordance with a state-approved lesson plan.

Guns 2 Roses has been around the gun industry for many years.  Gary Mayo obtained his first Concealed Carry license over 30 years ago. 

Gary is accredited through the Nebraska State Patrol,
                        to teach Concealed Carry classes.  The State Patrol highly suggests you check with the BBB before you pick a CHP trainer.

Guns 2 Roses holds a A+ rating at the
Better Business Bureau

          Current Bi-Weekly Concealed
                 Handgun Permit Class Schedule

Class Dates are the 1st & 3rd 
Sunday of each month in 2016  

Feb 7th & 21st - 8am
Mar 6th & 20 - 8am
Apr 3rd & 17th - 9am
May 1st & 15th - 9am
Jun 5th & 19th - 9am
Jul 3rd & 17th - 9am
Aug 7th & 21st - 9am
Sep 4th & 18th - 9am
Oct 2nd & 16th - 9am
Nov 6th- 9am 
Nov 20th - 9am Canceled Due To Funeral  
Dec 4th  - 9am
Dec 18th - 9am

NOTE: All Remaining Classes For The Year 2016
Have Been Changed To 9am!

           Cost Of The Class

$100, 10% off for two, or more. 
   Cash, credit card, debit card as well as Pay Pal are welcome.

           States Where Your Nebraska Concealed
                         Carry Permit Is Valid

Successful completion of our Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training will meet your educational requirements to qualify for your Nebraska Concealed Carry permit.

Nebraska's resident permit will enable legal concealed carry in 32 states.

          Requirement's For Class Attendance

Must be minimum 18 years of age.

Must be a Nebraska Resident, or an Iowa Resident, for the Resident Concealed Carry application.

NO convictions of a felony.

NO Firearms related convictions in the past 10 years. (hunting without a license, etc.)

NO convictions of any offense of domestic violence.

NO adjudicated or apparent mental illness.

NO physical impairments that would preclude you from safely operating and owning a handgun.

          What You Will Need To Bring To the Range

You can use your handgun, or if the instructors feel it prudent, one of the training facilities firearms will be provided for you.  Rental guns are available with ammo for $40.00

You will need 100 rounds of factory ammunition (not reloads).  We will send you home with some ammo, but we want you to bring extra in case we feel you need to have a little extra rang time.

You will need a cover garment like a outside shirt or coat.

You will need a holster and belt or purse.

You will need eye and ear protection.

You will need a ball cap (recommended, not required).

You should have one, two, or three additional magazines for a semi auto pistol.  (not required, but it will make the range time flow better for you.)

Leave ammo, and firearm in locked vehicle until instructed to bring them, unloaded, to the range.




$100 registering for class 1 Person (33% less than other classes)
$180 registering for class
2 People (additional 10% off)
 $270 Registering for class
3 People (additional 10% off)
$340 Registering for class 4 People (additional 15% off)
$425 Registering for class 5 People (additional 15% off)
$500 Registering for class 6 People (additional 20% off) (This option is giving one class spot away free)   

Register For Class 
with PayPal and your credit card

402-325-8600 or 402-217-5000 or come to Guns 2 Roses,

100 North 1st Street, Suite 6, Lincoln NE 68508 to Register

A great way to contact Gary is via text.  His text number is 402-217-5000





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